Laura Keating Singer-Songwriter
The world around her is suddenly in closer view. 

She writes about the things she sees, the things she hears and the things she feels.

It goes deep. 

Laura Keating is a Hamilton-born folk-rock singer-songwriter who engages audiences with her personal stories which are the framework of vibrant melodies.

When Keating plugs in her acoustic guitar,

away she goes,

with vocals that deliver the gentleness and power needed to soothe the soul or wake up the mind. She's on a journey to the heart and soul of life and she invites you along for the ride! 

Her collection of songs is derived from a passionate heart and delivered with a compelling percussive style… sometimes mellow and reflective, sometimes raw and edgy but always emotional to the core. Keating thrives on telling a good story, so there's always a message in her songs. 

It can be the simple turn of a phrase, or a gaze at a rippling wave, that triggers a song into existence.

Finding beauty in unexpected places 

entices her to write words which provoke thoughts about our own lives. 

Honesty is everything and Keating exposes this fragility on stage and in her debut album

Let Me Tell You 

Being the youngest sibling surrounded by musical brothers, music was always in front of her. From the early age of seven, Laura was toting around a guitar; then playing the piano to death in her teens; not surprisingly, writing her first songs at the tender age of fifteen.

It was her passion then and is again, today.

 Music found Laura when she needed it most and her songs speak volumes. Her music is the sum of her parts and she wants to share it with you. 

Watch Laura Keating stir passion into performances at local live music venues, patios, fundraisers and house concerts.